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Bulletin 5 – 12 Jan 2019

‘Epiphany’ comes from the Greek word epiphaneia, which means ‘manifestation’. The story of the Magi is so colourful we may fail to see its deeper meaning. The wise men represent all of us. Their journey reflects our search for purpose and meaning in life which is not possible unless we are guided by faith which enables us to see beyond appearances. God…

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Bulletin 29 Dec 2018 – 5 Jan 2019

FROM ANTIQUITY, Mary has been called Theotokos, or ‘God-Bearer’ (Mother of God). In 431 AD, the Church Council of Ephesus declared that the holy virgin Mary is the Theotokos (for she gave birth to the Word of God become flesh by birth) to reaffirm the central truth of what occurred in the Incarnation of Jesus…

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Growing with the Bible

Parents with children in Forms 2, 3 & 4 are encouraged to enroll for SPM Bible Knowledge classes to be held on Sundays from 8.30am to 9.30am beginning next month February 2017. Contact Cecilia 017-6242276 or Joyce 012-2645840.

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Christmas Message 2016

The Parish Priest of the Church of the Assumption — Msgr. Mitchel Anthony together with Fr. Gregory Chan and Fr. Mari Arokiam; wish all parishioners a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Dealing with Anger

Formation session on Sat. 16 July from 3 – 5pm at Assumption Church (Dewan Volle). Treat this as an “angry” invitation !!!

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