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Bulletin 24 – 30 Nov

24th November 2019
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Bulletin 10 to 16 Nov

9th November 2019
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Bulletin 03 to 09 Nov 2019

1st November 2019
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Bulletin 27 Oct to 2 Nov

30th October 2019
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Bulletin 20-26 Oct 2019

19th October 2019
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Bulletin 13 – 19 Oct 2019

12th October 2019
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Bulletin 6 – 12 Oct 2019

4th October 2019
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29 Sept to 5 Oct

28th September 2019

The story of the rich man and Lazarus demonstrates the importance of the care of the poor and is a…

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Bulletin 14 – 21 Sep 2019

14th September 2019

The reaction of someone who loses something precious represents God’s response to us who are “lost” through sin. It reminds us…

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Bulletin 7 – 14 Sep 2019

7th September 2019

The demand of discipleship is to “let go and let God.” We are called to be disciples in our family, in our work place, and…

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Bulletin 31 Aug – 7 Sep 2019

30th August 2019

TODAY’S GOSPEL WARNS us against all forms of pride and self-glorification. Humility enables us to see ourselves as God sees…

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Bulletin 24 – 31 Aug

23rd August 2019

GOD CORRECTS US in a fatherly way so that we don’t get distracted from His Kingdom, and then suffer spiritual dryness…

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Bulletin 17 – 24 Aug

17th August 2019

JESUS cautions us that if we are to be His followers, conflict is unavoidable. Jesus never promised us a journey…

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Bulletin 10 – 18 Aug

12th August 2019

Jesus asks each of us to be constantly vigilant. We are called to leave behind our old ways of sin and selfishness, and to…

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Bulletin 3 – 10 Aug 2019

2nd August 2019

Jesus cautions us about greed, and the hold that possessions have over our heart. The frustrations, disappointments and incomplete joy of pursuing material possessions…

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Bulletin 27 Jul – 3 Aug 2019

26th July 2019

The words of the Our Father make it a community prayer, while the tone of the prayer is intimate. It is a short and simple profession of…

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Bulletin 20 – 27 Jul 2019

20th July 2019

Often we are so busy doing the work of the Lord that we forget the Lord of the work – Who is the…

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Bulletin 13 – 20 Jul 2019

12th July 2019

The Good Samaritan is Jesus, who reaches out and heals our wounds. The Gospel emphasizes that there is no love of…

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