A Message of Concern for Assumption Parishioners

Dear Friends,

I was shown a WhatsApp message from an individual who purported to act for one church and sought to canvass funds to help feed a group of people at a designated location. Now, the request was for said funds to be transferred into an individual’s name and Account no.

This message was circulated among Assumption parishioners, asking for donate. Normally, when request for funds are made, it’s on the parish’s letterhead, signed by the Parish Priest, and most importantly, for the cash transfer to be banked into the church’s bank account, and not an individual’s bank account.

It troubles me that Assumption parishioners started donating money to this individual’s personal account without bothering to check the veracity and authenticity of the facts. Also, by the time I saw the WhatsApp message soliciting funds, it was announced that this group of people (the funds were allegedly raised for) were being moved to another facility, where they would be fed. So, it wasn’t necessary to donate or collect money anymore.

I am deeply concerned that at the time of this posting, the request for donation has not been revoked, and people may still be under the impression that money is needed. Please verify with the Parish Priest or Assistant Parish Priest before any donations are made.

Yours faithfully, Fr. Gregory ChanParish

Priest of the Church of the Assumption

cc. Fr. Richard Anthonysamy, SJ