Functional Requirements

  • Ministries to establish their requirements
  • Workshops can be conducted between Ministries and Designers with Committee as moderators.
  • The expected outcome of the vision of the new church needs to be be established so that all parties are guided in its development

Cost Control

  • A preliminary budget is required
  • The budget will control the design development


  • A preliminary program of activities is required
  • The program can be used to plan when payments are due and when funds should be available
  • The program will guide the committee in timely decision making

Fund Management

  • A committee is to be formed to raise funds
  • The program will be a guide for setting targets for the fund raising


  • Procedures to be established on procurement of consultants and contractors
  • Transparency to show quality and competitiveness needs to be evident

Design Development

  • Evaluation criteria for pre Q of consultants need to be established
  • Work scope to be established for consultants to enable quotation to be called and subsequent appointment

Parish Buy In

  • Parishioners need to be aware of what is going on – maybe reports are places in website
  • Someone needs to be able to conduct mass communication exercises to ensure that the parishioners participate
  • The Assumption Project can become a journey for the individual parishioners/families to rebuild themselves


  • MBPJ Planning Approval will be a major milestone if what we want is approved
  • Effort needs to be placed otherwise plans can be stalled if there are detractors in the public/service